Art Largess Blogs About Self, Jeff Koons and Adonis DNA

Hi. I’m assuming since this is my first post, you fell upon it either via Google thanks to the very clever SEO search term titled that I used, or, more unlikely, you found out my “in-real-life” identity after I got all famous and decided to see what I cared about way back in 2011. This is assuming my five-year plan comes to fruition and my identity is revealed by some gossip blog, which leads to a book deal, which leads to a world tour, which leads to the Diane Sawyer interview where I would reveal that I, too, am made of tiger blood and Adonis DNA. (To the readers of 2016, I’m alluding of course to Charlie Sheen, who I’m sure is still bi-winning…)

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. After all, this is just another art blog. The difference between this one and most others, though, is that Art Largess will be geared to both those in the industry and those who are simply curious about this crazy, eccentric, yes, bi-winning world (#tigerblood). Perhaps Artforum publisher Charles Guarino said it best in Sarah Thornton’s Seven Days in the Art World, “It’s a place where I found the most kindred spirits—enough oddball, overeducated, anachronistic, anarchic people to make me happy.” And that’s why it’s also fun to both read and write about.

As the name suggests, Art Largess (definition: “liberal giving to or as if to an inferior,” Merriam-Webster) will be a bit snarky. But, please, don’t take it the wrong way. You, my few current and millions of future readers (pending the five-year plan, of course), are not the “inferiors” to whom I hope to “give,” as it were. No, with you, I simply want to share and, likewise, I hope you will want to share with me, too, via comments, email, Twitter, really any way as long as it’s not a punch in the face. The largess, as we’ll call it, will be reserved for those people and things in the art world that make, condone, sell, or exude bullshit and let me tell you, as someone in the industry, there’s a lot of it. And while, sure, I suppose I’ll probably spew out some straight up “haters gonna hate” speech, I promise most of my complaints will be presented through the proverbial lens of humor.

Thankfully, however, not everything on this blog is going to revolve around the brown noises of the art world. (My pants budget is only so large…) There will be a lot of tasty things on here, too, which just so happens to conveniently plays into the second definition of “largess,” according to Merriam-Webster—generosity. There’s a lot of beauty out there that needs to be blogged, retweeted, “liked,” and all-around promoted. Art is a wonderfully generous thing. It can alter moods, inspire wonder, make our lives better. Truly, there’s nothing else on Earth like a great piece of art. It sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and Jeff Koons. ZING!

And so, here we are. One “Jeff Koons sucks” joke down, one gazillion more to go. Which brings me to logistics. The aim of Art Largess is to post at least once per day, so check back often and tell your friends. At the very least, feel free to follow me on Twitter for quick thoughts and, of course, info about blog updates. I promise I won’t just keep retweeing @AndrewWK‘s party tips. (Now, that’s some art…)

See you around the ether, I hope…

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